STEELOX - Flexible stainless steel drinking water pipe

STEELOX - Flexible drinking water pipe made of stainless steel

The ambitious idea of developing a flexible, manually bendable drinking water pipe made of stainless steel with the highest hygienic properties became reality with the development of STEELOX. In order to transport drinking water, the most precious commodity in our society, to people's homes, the highest quality and hygiene standards are required, which the STEELOX drinking water pipe system fulfils optimally through its physiological and chemical properties. Stainless steel is extremely resilient, does not age and is therefore indispensable for drinking water hygiene.

STEELOX combines the successful and proven systems KELOX and STEEL FIX in one product. The stainless steel inner layer is surrounded by an outer layer of PE-RT, so that it is optimally protected against external influences. This combination of two high quality materials enables the outstanding flexibility of the pipe with optimal hygienic properties. The technical properties are impressive: Permanent operating temperatures of up to 80°C, temperature peaks of up to 100°C and a pressure of 10 bar represent the STEELOX application areas.