The pre-insulated district heating pipe system

Innovative and individual

KELIT P, the pre-insulated district heating pipe system for energy transport in district heating pipe networks with PE-LD outer cladding and PUR insulation, is custom-manufactured for every requirement and wins you over with innovative ideas.

The development of INDUCON, a socket joint connection technology for casings, has further improved the system. Now it shines with durability and ease of installation – even in extreme situations.

With the extensive range of KELIT P, every project can be realised.

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Longitudinally welded steel pipe in accordance with ÖNORM EN 10220
Quality P235TR1 according to ÖNORM EN 10217-2 with factory-applied thermal insulation in 3 insulation series, with or without embedded LW system.
Bar length: 6, 12 and 16 m

Thermal insulation:Polyurethane foam 95% closed-cell, CFC-free, Density min. 60 kg/m3. 
Lambda value: 0.027 W/mK
Casing pipes:Plastic pipe made of high-density polyethylene (PE-HD), long-term protection against UV rays.
Field of application:PN 25 - tmax 142°C
Tests:according to EN 253, EN 448, EN 488 and EN 489
based on AGFW worksheet FW 401
Dimension range:DN20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250 - 800
Special parts:KELIT-FERROFLEX pipe, flexible pre-insulated steel pipe in rolls
KELIT P-bend pipe
KELIT-BEK leak detection system
2 x CU leak detection system

Casing pipe connection: All sleeves are thermally shrinking PE joint pipes (without clearance adaptation) and have multiple sealing edge zones.

Welding socket - INDUCON:  Through induction heating, the joint is welded to the casing pipe in a heating grid belt that circulates in the joint zone. For this purpose, no connecting leads led out of the welding zone are needed, which could disturb the homogeneous welding zone. Using a generator and an induction tool, the welding process is electronically controlled and logged. With a virtual sensor, the welding bath temperature is determined from the welding data, monitored and displayed. The INDUCON joint is assembled by KELIT's specialist staff.

Thermally applied joints: suitable for self-assembly (e.g. K2ST and K2L) and have separate power and sealing zones.