Hygienically flawless drinking water


Smart KETRON taps with intelligent flushing

KETRON – the smart electronic basin and shower taps with an intelligent free-flushing system.
These flushing modules are the brilliant finale solution of a dynamic evolution of drinking water installations. The devices’ outstanding quality and performance mirror KE KELIT’s high level of competence in the field of potable water. At the same time, these systems comply with all the requirements that are relevant to hygiene. Special attention is given to the transportation and provision of high-quality drinking water indoors and outdoors. The attractive drinking fountain, for example, is designed for hygienic water points in urban areas. Due to their digital intelligence and flushing logics, KETRON sanitary taps, flushing modules and drinking fountains represent the final piece in the jigsaw of a high-quality system.

Optimum drinking water hygiene anywhere any time. KETRON is the solution.

Regardless of the building or developments, indoors or outdoors – in public, semi-public, commercial or industrial facilities, it is not possible to make detailed predictions of the expected water intake. The expected volume of water will be used as hygiene parameters when designing a drinking water installation. Even if your planning is very careful, it will be a difficult task to predict every possible fluctuation in everyday use of the system. Taps that are not in use can lead to stagnant water in parts of the piping system. This makes it even more important to use an intelligent solution that registers the tap’s fluctuations, responds to extraction volumes that are too low, compensates inadequate water exchange in the system and, as a result, guarantees the optimum drinking water quality. KE KELIT offers this solution. Thanks to their digital intelligence, electronic KETRON taps, drinking fountains and flushing modules with automatic hygiene flushing know how much water is used. The automatic flushing guarantees that optimum drinking water hygiene is maintained.

Intelligence meets quality meets functionality meets design.

KETRON flushing modules offer an attractive design with high-quality flushing logic. KE KELIT can provide a sophisticated drinking water system from start to end with these smart electronic basin and shower taps.
For the first time, this product range brings to life KE KELIT’s drinking water system competence and makes it visible and appreciable for everybody.

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