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One of the key challenges in drinking water hygiene is maintaining the quality of the drinking water in the pipework.
We ensure this with high-quality and durable pipe systems. We are always at the cutting edge of technology and continue to set international standards with numerous patents, including our latest innovation STEELOX, the first flexible drinking water pipe system made of stainless steel up to d25mm.

The system scores highly thanks to the high-temperature-resistant materials stainless steel and Cuphin, which have become indispensable in drinking water hygiene. Stainless steel in combination with drinking water in the public sector is increasingly in demand and also increasingly required. In municipal buildings such as hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, hotels and schools, it is particularly important to maintain drinking water quality at all times. Dangerous germs, bacteria and viruses must be avoided. STEELOX as a high-temperature resistant system with operating temperatures of up to 80°C and peak temperatures of up to 100°C fulfils these requirements.

The zeta value-optimised fittings and the flow-optimised STEELOX pipe ensure the necessary water circulation. With good zeta values, a smaller pipe dimension can be used with the correct dimensioning. A smaller filling volume of the water-carrying pipes means that the drinking water quality is maintained due to the more frequent water exchange and the lower risk of stagnation. In the combination of pipe and fitting, we have the best flow values with STEELOX.

Energy-efficient management protects the environment and resources - and this careful treatment of our planet is an essential part of our corporate culture. Consideration for future generations and their needs is taken into account in all processes. We therefore always endeavour to develop environmentally friendly and resource-saving products. We have also held the Austrian Ecolabel since 2020 - one of the most important awards for sustainable Austrian quality products.

STEELOX combines the successful and proven products KELOX (flexible multilayer composite pipe system) and STEELFIX (stainless steel pipe system) in one product. The pipe system is available in the dimensions d16 - d25mm and impresses with its optimum hygiene properties and high operating temperatures. Due to its high flexibility, processing is very quick and easy. STEELOX is rounded off by a specially developed mould concept.

  • Flexible - can be bent by hand
  • Highest hygienic properties
  • d16, 20, 25mm, rolls and coils
  • Temperature peaks up to 100°C, operating temperatures up to 80°C
  • ÖNORM, ÖVGW, DIN CERTCO registered
  • Flow-optimised Cuphin fittings
  • easy to install
Here you can find the products for the STEELOX product range

Flexible 3-layer stainless steel drinking water pipe

Outside layer made of PE-RT: Hygienic, physiologically safe, smooth and seamless
Middle layer: Inner bonding layer - Temperature-stable, non-ageing, force-transmitting layer
Stainless steel inner layer: hygienic, physiologically harmless, smooth - ensures high pressure and temperature resistance due to the outstanding material properties of stainless steel of the continuous inliner.
Material: 1.4435
Thickness: 0,1mm

Field of application:Classification of operating conditions according to ÖNORM B 5175 -
Class 2:70°C/10 bar, max. operating temperature up to 80°C - Incident temperature 100°C (max. 100h)
cold water: 0°–20°C / 16 bar
Dimension range:Coil products: d16, 20, 25 mm
Tests:ÖVGW W 1.833
ÖNORM registration according to B 5175 001731


Special parts:STEELOX PLUS - factory pre-insulated pipes in coils in the dimensions d16 - 25 mm, insulation made of cross-linked, closed-cell PE foam with special profile of dimpled and air chamber elements, extruded, tough-elastic protective film and tear-resistant aluminium layer.
insulation thickness:
4 mm - blue
9 mm - red
13 mm - orange


STEELOX press connection

  • Press fittings from d16 - 25 mm made of dezincification-resistant brass incl. synthetic age-resistant EPDM O-rings as well as an stainless steel press sleeve "unpressed leaky"
  • Elbows, adaptors and tees
  • Transitions in straight form with male and female threads
  • Adaptor tees
  • STEELOX - STEELFIX adaptors
  • Press contour: SX