Factory insulated, flexible plastic pipe system, with fiber-reinforced carrier pipe

The new generation of flexible district heating pipes

KELIT pipes are insulated with a flexible, CFC-free polyurethane foam in a continuous foaming process. This has excellent thermal conductivity values, which brings great economic and ecological advantages for both network owners and operators.

With factory-applied thermal insulation, with one or two medium pipes, in rolls.
Plastic pipe made of cross-linked POLYETHYLENE (PEX) with at least 75% degree of cross-linking, tested, internally and externally monitored according to standard.
Medium pipe with additionally applied, coloured oxygen diffusion barrier layer of ethylene/vinyl alcohol (EVOH).

Max. Continuous operating temperature:80°C
Max. Operating temperature:95°C floating
Thermal conductivity:0,021 W/mK
Operating pressure:10 bar
Carrier pipe:cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xa) reinforced with aramid fibers
Thermal insulation:Polyurethane (PUR), FCKW-free
Jacketing:corrugated PE-LD, seamless extrusion

Press fittings have an additional polymer crimp sleeve between the sliding sleeve and the carrier pipe. This allows the support sleeve to be inserted directly into the pipe ends during installation without expanding. Up to size 110, standard pressing tools can be used as for PE-Xa pipes (SDR11). For larger dimensions, the KELIT pressing tool is available. The insulation of the pressing point is done with connecting sleeves.

Factory insulated molded parts

To reduce welding and assembly work on site, a wide range of factory-insulated steel moldings is available. The KELIT PEX FF press joints are welded onto the steel moldings and can be pressed directly. Joint sleeves are used to insulate joints.

Half-shells for KELIT PEX FF

Half-shells in various configurations are available for our flexible plastic pipe systems. This novel CLICK system guarantees the highest construction site quality without time-consuming gluing, screwing or shrinking with secure connection technology and best thermal insulation properties.