The soundproof drainage pipe system

Living comfort without disturbing noise

In wide frequency ranges, a conventional drainage system can be excited by resonances to natural vibrations and thereby becomes a sound amplifier. The KE KELIT solution for this problem is very simple: the noise insulating system PHONEX. The homogeneous one-layer technology prevents sound from being transmitted and transforms it into heat.

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Highly insulating drainage system made of homogeneous mineral-reinforced polypropylene with a high specific weight (1.9 g / cm3) and special molecular structure for high structure-borne and airborne sound insulation in a wide frequency range.

Field of application:For drain water in the house canal
Continuous operation: max. 90°C - temporarily up to 95°C
Sound insulation:Sound insulation measurements behind an plumbing wall of 220 kg/m2 and a water flow rate of 2l/sec for the dimension DN100 gave a value of <10db(A).
Tests were made according to ÖNORM EN 1451 
Tests:according to ÖNORM EN 1451 
dimensions: according to ÖNORM EN 12056 
fire behavior: ÖNORM EN 13501
Determination of the sound level in accordance to DIN 52219
Dimension range:DN/OD 50/50, 70/75, 90/90, 100/110, 125/125, 150/160
Special parts:Standard push-on coupling
This is equipped with a structure-borne noise decoupling and integrated expansion compensator.

The standard push-on coupling is the standardized connection between pipes and fitting. Additional measures to absorb the linear expansion can be omitted. Pipes are cut to length and deburred by means of pipe cutters, chamfering is not required. The attachment is made by commercially available pipe clamps with rubber inserts.