Vision and objectives

The KE KELIT principles

Quality, the environment, energy, business administration, security – the always family-run company KE KELIT assigns top priority to all these areas. In doing so, we take economic, ecological and social concerns equally into account. Our goal is to meet the highest quality standards – no matter in which area.

  • An overarching management system* for quality, environment, energy and security, involving suppliers and customers, guides our thinking and actions.
  • Our employees are characterised by high motivation, passion and a sense of duty and are jointly responsible for the success of the company. Excellent training opportunities and recognition programmes are an incentive for constant improvement.
  • We consider the fulfilment of specific market and customer requirements to be the prerequisite for the highest possible quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Newly developed products, processes and procedures are tested according to strict criteria for their compatibility with the company policy and their impact on employees.
  • We take our responsibility for the environment and energy resources now and, of course, in the future, very seriously. Therefore, we only produce long-lasting, economical products in environmentally and energy-friendly processes. The greatest possible conservation of resources is thus ensured.
  • Thanks to an open culture of communication with neighbouring companies, authorities, customers, suppliers and, of course, employees, we promote a positive climate throughout the company.
  • When there are problems, we don't look for the culprit, but the cause.
  • Providing and analysing relevant data serves as the basis for our continuous improvement and development.

Our corporate policy serves all employees as a binding guideline for action that is quality-, environmental-, energy- and safety-conscious as well as customer-oriented and responsible. Management's task is to create an atmosphere that encourages and facilitates improvements. With team spirit, competence and involvement of all employees, we will achieve our self-imposed goals. Together we are strong!

* certified in accordance with

  • ÖNORM EN ISO 9001 (Austrian standard)
  • ÖNORM EN ISO 14001 (Austrian standard)
  • ÖNORM EN ISO 50001 (Austrian standard)
  • ISO 10005 (product-specific) (latest versions)