robust - superior - flexible

High temperature resistant flexible stainless steel - pipe system

STEELOX combines the successful and proven products KELOX and STEEL FIX in one product. The stainless steel inner layer is surrounded by an outer layer of PE-RT, offering optimum protection against external influences.

The range of fittings newly developed for this system is also zeta-optimized and has the best flow characteristics. In the combination of pipe and fitting we have achieved the very best flow rates with STEELOX.

We are the first manufacturer in Austria to receive the registration of the ÖVGW for the stainless steel drinking water pipe system. In addition, the system is tested and registered according to ÖNORM B 5175.

Here you can find the products for the product line STEELOX

Flexible 3-layer stainless steel drinking water pipe

Outside layer made of PE-RT: Hygienic, physiologically safe, smooth and seamless
Middle layer: Inner bonding layer - Temperature-stable, non-ageing, force-transmitting layer
Stainless steel inner layer: hygienic, physiologically harmless, smooth - ensures high pressure and temperature resistance due to the outstanding material properties of stainless steel of the continuous inliner.
Material: 1.4435
Thickness: 0,1mm

Field of application:Classification of operating conditions according to ÖNORM B 5175 -
Class 2:70°C/10 bar, max. operating temperature up to 80°C - Incident temperature 100°C (max. 100h)
cold water: 0°–20°C / 16 bar
Dimension range:Coil products: d16, 20, 25 mm
Tests:ÖVGW W 1.833
ÖNORM registration according to B 5175 001731


Special parts:STEELOX PLUS - factory pre-insulated pipes in coils in the dimensions d16 - 25 mm, insulation made of cross-linked, closed-cell PE foam with special profile of dimpled and air chamber elements, extruded, tough-elastic protective film and tear-resistant aluminium layer.
insulation thickness:
4 mm - blue
9 mm - red
13 mm - orange


STEELOX press connection

  • Press fittings from d16 - 25 mm made of dezincification-resistant brass incl. synthetic age-resistant EPDM O-rings as well as an stainless steel press sleeve "unpressed leaky"
  • Elbows, adaptors and tees
  • Transitions in straight form with male and female threads
  • Adaptor tees
  • STEELOX - STEELFIX adaptors
  • Press contour: SX