The flexible pre-insulated PE pipe system

Reliable in all weather conditions

With KELIT PE FLEX, nothing stands in the way of supplying drinking water or laying sewer piping in the ground. Flexible and easy to assemble, the pipe system with its optional frost protection strip is a reliable supplier of water, even in snow and ice.

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For cold – drinking water and duct with factory-applied thermal insulation, alternatively with self-regulating frost protection strip, in coils.
Plastic pipe made of PE100, tested, intrinsically and externally monitored according to standard.

Medium pipe:PE-100 pipe
Thermal insulation:100% CO2 – blown, semi-flexible polyurethane foam, 90% closed-cell. 
Lambda value: 0.0234 W/mK
Casing pipes:Plastic tube of low density POLYETHYLENE (PE-LD) seamlessly extruded, long-term protection against UV rays
Field of application:PN16 - tmax. 30°C
Dimension range:d25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75, 90 und 110mm
Special parts:Pre-insulated pipes, incl. self-regulating adhesive tape attached to the medium pipe with aluminium adhesive tape for optimum heat distribution.