The insulation system

Insulation with structure

The LEXEL insulation system sets new standards in insulation with its innovative pipe insulation tube. The excellent damping properties of the foam prevent structure-borne noise transmission, and the high resistance to water vapour diffusion prevents moisture from penetrating the insulation in cold areas and ensures consistent thermal insulation quality.

In addition, LEXEL's sturdy construction and material selection make it resistant to all building chemicals and mechanical damage. CFC-free foam, free of plasticisers, heavy metals or toxic stabilisers, LEXEL is produced in an environmentally conscious manner and remains landfillable – without endangering the groundwater.

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The LEXEL tube is made of cross-linked, closed cell, flexible PE foam, a visoplastic protective sleeve and a tough fabric made HDPE. The tube is suited for insulating both hot and cold pipe systems.The special profile of bubbles and air chambers on the inside of the tube increases the insulation resistance against impact sound.

The system is completely CFC-free.

Insulation resistance:0,038 W/mK at 20°C
0,040 W/mK at 40°C
0,042 W/mK at 60°C
Operating conditions:-40°C to +100°C
Fire rating:ÖNORM EN 13501
Wasserdampfdiffusions - Widerstandszahl:μ = 10.000
Colour:Blue. The product marking is printed on welded tape made of HDPE
Pipe size:Pipes from 16 to 63 mm for all metal and plastic pipe sizes
4mm - d16 - 42mm
9mm - d16 - 63mm
13mm - d16 - 42mm
20mm - d20 - 63mm