NP478 Stainless steel press-expansion joint - socket end

Press-axial expansion joint straight made of stainless steel 1.4404 with two socket ends, to balance out the thermal expansion of piping systems
NOT deadroom-free!
Position 0 at 20°C
d18: 16mm
d22: 20mm
d28: 22mm
d35: 24mm
d42: 24mm
d54: 30mm
Press contour: M

Areas of application



execution Axial
Product information
code NP478
main material group STEELFIX
material group EDELSTAHL pressfittings
DVGW DW-8511BR5841
ÖVGW W 1.477
INTRNR 73072980

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Data sheets and miscellaneous

NP478 Edelst.Pr.Axialkomp.18 Muffe 53754CC0
NP478 Edelst.Pr.Axialkomp.22 Muffe 53754DD0
NP478 Edelst.Pr.Axialkomp.28 Muffe 53754EE0
NP478 Edelst.Pr.Axialkomp.35 Muffe 53754FF0
NP478 Edelst.Pr.Axialkomp.54 Muffe 53754HH0
NP478 Edelst.Pr.Axialkomp.42 Muffe 53754GG0