KC3A16 CLIMATEFIX cooling-/heating register d16

Suspended ceiling cooling and heating register for installation on an on-site prepared substructure (grid spacing 33.3cm). Comprised of a register of bent KELOX-ULTRAX multilayer pipes d16x2mm, oxygen-tight conforming to ÖNORM EN 21003, which are embedded in 3 units of heat-conducting aluminium profiles. The power transmission to the on-site panelling with gypsum climate panels is ensured by the special pressure-maintaining components of the ceiling cooling and heating registers
Module width is suitable for an on-site substructure of 33.3cm
Module length: available from 500 to 3000mm
Pipeline length: approx. 11m/m²
Aluminium heat conducting baffle plates: 3 units/component
Application area - pipe: tmax 70°C/10 bar
Application area - module: tmax 48°C

The modules are manufactured for the respective project - NO return possible!

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Product information
code KC3A16
main material group CLIMATEFIX
material group CLIMATEFIX module
INTRNR 73145000

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KC3A16 CLIMATEFIX Decken-u.Heizr.3/500 63571050
KC3A16 CLIMATEFIX Decken-u.Heizr.3/750 63571075
KC3A16 CLIMATEFIX Decken-u.Heizr.3/1000 63571100
KC3A16 CLIMATEFIX Decken-u.Heizr.3/1250 63571125
KC3A16 CLIMATEFIX Decken-u.Heizr.3/1500 63571150
KC3A16 CLIMATEFIX Decken-u.Heizr.3/1750 63571175
KC3A16 CLIMATEFIX Decken-u.Heizr.3/2000 63571200
KC3A16 CLIMATEFIX Decken-u.Heizr.3/2250 63571225
KC3A16 CLIMATEFIX Decken-u.Heizr.3/2500 63571250
KC3A16 CLIMATEFIX Decken-u.Heizr.3/2750 63571275
KC3A16 CLIMATEFIX Decken-u.Heizr.3/3000 63571300