History of KE KELIT

Many other ideas and innovations are waiting on the horizon. Many challenging markets lie in wait.

1945Karl Egger (I) founds the KE plumbing company "Gas-Water-Heating". Production of KE plastic waste pipes begins 1960.

Pipe factory is built in 1963 in the industrial zone in Linz. Karl Egger (II) takes over control of the company in 1966 after the early death of his father. A new area of innovation and expansion begins. Karl Egger starts production of KELIT-district heating pipes in 1968 and is one of the pioneers in the branch in Europe.


District heating starts in Yugoslavia. The KELIT system is manufactured under license. All the machinery and the expertise in production, marketing and installation comes from Linz.


The 100%-subsidiary KE KELIT is founded. In 1975 the insulation products KELIN, KELON and KELINFIX become well-known brand names in the industry both in Austria and Germany.
The first patent for an "insulated pipe" is issued in 1976 in Poland.


KELIT district heating pipes are manufactured in Kècskèmet in Hungary in 1977. KE KELIT sets up a turn-key factory in the Puszta.
The first foam insulation world-wide, KELAN, is brought on to the market in 1983. Extremely resistant to tear and environment-friendly, it is a synonym for the best possible insulation.


Karl Egger (III) joins the company in 1985. There are new developments in hot and cold water piping. KE KELIT introduces the PP-R-pipe system KELEN.


In 1989 KE KELIT is the first company in Europe to switch to CFC-free pipe systems for district heating. Protection of the environment is a priority!


In 1991 KE KELIT becomes a memeber of the ÖAKR "Austrian association for plastic recycling" and takes a further step towards protecting the environment. The KE KELIT South office is opened in Bruck/Mur. The Styrians look forward to the extra service in their market.


The KELOX-modular pipe, a metal/plastic composite pipe with a 5 seal joint technology is introduced in 1992 and is immediately accepted by the market. KELIT PEX and CUFLEX, the flexible district heating pipes, enjoy similar success. KE KELIT actively participates in the different Austrian and international standard commitees (ÖNORM, CEN,...)


In 1993 the first office and branches are opened in South East Asia and the Middle East. The KE KELIT office is opened in Zirl/Tirol.


KE KELIT is certified to ISO 9001 in 1994. Quality has always been the standard at KE KELIT. Now it has been recognised. The recognition also covers the manufacturing procedures, the quality assurance, research and development, installation and customer service. There is demand for the KELEN-pipe system in Spain. Staff are employed locally.


An office is opened in 1995 in Hungary. The door to Eastern Europe is wide open. Sensational development at KE KELIT. The first PP-R pipe that can be located electronically is registered under patent. The name of the product is: SENSO(R)OHR.


The insulation product LEXEL, is presented at the Aqua-Therm exhibition in Vienna. The insulating properties, the noise insulation and the resistance to tear meet the high quality standards that were set. A network of wholesealers is set up in the Middle East.


In 1997 a KE KELIT office is opened in the east of Austria. The east Austrians are grateful for this service which is long overdue. Calculations of pipe sizing and price quotations no longer have to be sent to Linz.
KELOX-SL, a complete range of skirting board products in a range of colours and patterns including carpet skirting and profiles for risers, is added to our product range.


In 1998 KE KELIT becomes the first manufacturer of PP-R pipe systems world-wide to pre-manufacture the KELIT HIT and KELEN pipes with the tear resistant LEXEL insulation made of polyethylene. Both the pipes and fittings are insulated to the best possible standard at favourable prices. Numerous patents are registered. KELIT HIT-LX is born.
The KE KELIT subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia becomes the headquarters for the market in South East Asia.


A new high technology factory is set up in 1999 for the production of district heating pipes in straight lengths and in coils. Practically all medium pipe and jacket pipe combinations are possible. New patented plastic fittings for hot and cold water heating pipes are brought on to the market. KELOX WINDOX - revolution.
A KE KELIT office is opened in Salzburg. Branches in Scandinavia, central and southern Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia, which received its first consignment in 1999, are working with Austrian pipe technology, developed in Linz, Austria.



In 2000 KE KELIT looks forward to the third millenium with confidence. More than 100 patents have been registered and approved. Seminar events such as the "pipe days" are held to keep our partners informed of the latest technological developments.


KETRIX, the pipe for cooling, compressed air and cold water applications, is brought on to the market 2001. The system is resistant to temperatures of -40ºC, rigid, resistant to impact impermeable to oxygen diffusion and joined by welding. The best system for glass architecture commonly used worldwide where the building has to be cooled to allow people to work in them. The system is made of a raw material, POB (polyolefine blend), which has been developed by KE KELIT.


In 2002 the office in Bruck an der Mur is bursting at the seams. The KE KELIT office in Frohnleiten/Graz is ready for moving in.
As in the past KE KELIT addresses the problem of noise in the pipe systems and introduces the noise-insulating, thick-walled PP waste system PHONEX to market. KELIT HIT and KELOX are insulated not only to prevent heat loss but also to provide the best protection against noise transmission. Hundreds of large projects are managed by our sales staff in Saudi Arabia, the emirates, Lebanon, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indochina and Sri Lanka.


Sales of WATERFLEX, an extremely flexible pipe system to complement rigid pipe systems, begin in 2003. The forerunner for pipe systems made of PE-RT, PEX a and PEX-C is born.


Production starts in 2004 at the new pipe factory in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia. KELEN PPR pipes are manufactured for the Asian Market.


KE KELIT has always taken into consideration the surrounding of the pipe. In 2005 THERMOSAND, a patented, natural, sand-like pipe backfill material provides pre-insulated district heating pipes with even better insulating properties. Tests carried out throughout Austria achieve sensational results and cost savings.

Two new pipe factories in South Eastern Asia, new sales offices in Vienna, China and Germany, and new sales staff in Austria, Hungary, Australia are further signs of our global commitment to the pipe, fitting and insulation industries. KE KELIT expands its production and storage capacity in Linz by 30%.


In 2006 Karl Egger (II) dies suddenly. Not only was he an innovative pioneer of plastic technology he was a well respected entrepreneur and loving family man. His son and daughter, Karl and Kristine, wife Herta, and daughter-in-law Sylvia will continue to run the company in his spirit and work together with the motivated employees to consolidate and strengthen the position on the market.


Revolution in plumbing technology in 2007. The blueFIX push-fit fitting for the hot and cold water and heating is added to the tried and trusted KELOX multi-layer pipe system. The KETRIX pipe range is extended to include the sizes d125 and d160. The successful KELIT PEX product range includes a flexible, pre-insulated PEX water pipe system with 100% CO2 foaming. In conjunction with a long-term partner KE KELIT acquires the German company GERMAN PIPE, a manufacturer of district heating and district stoney ground and where pipes are installed without a sand bed.


In 2008 the market position of all KE KELIT systems is consolidated. Plastic manifolds for drinking water and heating are added to the KELOX range. The pipe factory in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia, which produces small and large sized pipes, is moved to a bigger location a few kilometres away, ensuring the best possible service for the increasing demand in South East Asia.
Bigger offices are required in Vienna and Styria.


For the first time, KE KELIT, a skilled and experienced manufacturer of plastic pipe systems and supplier of pre-insulated pipe systems, begins to supply metal pipe systems for domestic applications.
Carbon steel for heating, and stainless steel for hot and cold water, use the trusted press joint technology. SteelFIX is immediately welcomed by the market. New representative offices in Vietnam and Cambodia serve the rapidly expanding markets in Indochina. Most of the high rising buildings in the booming capitals of South East Asia (Hanoi, Saigon, Phnom Penh, Singapore, Jarkarta, Kuala Lumpur etc.) are now installed with pipe technology from Linz/Austria. At the end of 2009 a new factory is set up in Vietnam to support the market. In the middle of the year a new office in Poggersdorf, Carinthia is opened. KE KELIT defies the worldwide economic crisis.


KE KELIT brings the AIRTWIN ventilation pipe systems on the market. The system, which is permanentely anti-static and has "biocide" properties, is intended for living areas which need functions and components are added to the trusted KE KELIT systems. KELIT HIT/KELEN systems become more resistant to heat (β-PPR) and new secure fittings, PROtec, are added to the KELOX range. The INDUCON socket, a new, revolutionary and approved joint technology, is added to the KELIT district heating pipe systems.
Push fittings are added to the steelFIX range. KE KELIT introduces pipes for sprinkler systems to the market. CLIMATEFIX, KE KELIT's ceiling cooling system, is increasingly being installed for cooling in offices, universities and other buildings.


Another milestone in plumbing technology is achieved. The Kelox Protec push fitting is added to the product range. This new fitting has two O rings, a yellow protector ring and a transparent sleeve.  The office in Tirol is expanded. KE KELIT continues to enjoy growth despite turbulent economic times and the driver of this growth is innovation.


The new building with its modern offices and extra facilities for quality assurance is finished. However, expansion is not limited to Linz. New markets in Hungary and the Middle East benefit from Ke Kelit´s expertise. The success story of Kelox Protec continues and its push fitting technology is now firmly established in the industry.


The new KE KELIT training centre is opened. The facilities for providing product and installation training and passing on expertise to our customers are better than ever before. The new logistics centre and production hall for Protec fittings are opened. The KE KELIT office in Salzburg moves to a bigger location in Wals. An agreement is reached with the plumbing profession to maintain the three party distribution of all KE KELIT products via wholesalers.  The new office in Yangon (Myanmar) is opened.


In addition to the many KELIT offices in Asia, from Myanmar to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Macau, a new company, KE KELIT New Zealand, is founded with branches in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. A joint venture begins with the English company, Radius, specialising in pipe systems for district heating and underground engineering projects. The high-tech company “Radius-Kelit Infrastructure” is founded. Its headquarters is in Austria and its products are sold throughout Europe for district heating and infrastructure projects.


New systems with push, press and welding technologies are brought on to the market. New materials with high temperature and pressure performance are introduced in the KELOX and KELIT PEX systems. The sales network in the Asia/Pacific region is expanded to Japan and the Philippines.


New product developments and exotic markets are signs of a promising future ...