The active ceiling system

Comfortable heating and cooling

Thermal comfort exerts a significant influence on our well-being and our health. To ensure this comfort over the long term, energy consumption must be reduced without compromising quality of life.

Thanks to the outstanding level of radiation in ceiling cooling and heating systems, it is fortunately possible to create a pleasant climate in living and working spaces even where temperature differences are minor.

KE KELIT creates systems that can ensure long-term cost savings and energy efficiency as well as the use of renewable energy, and also offers the right product for every construction situation: whether near the surface, in the concrete core or suspended in various designs, CLIMATEFIX is always the perfect solution.

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Close to the surface: KC100B16 / KC150B16

The KC100B16 or KC150B16 near-surface solution for heating and cooling ensures a fast reaction to the temperature in the room. It is a system for both heating and cooling, which significantly reduces the acquisition costs. The radiant heat and cooling of this hygienic low-temperature system as well as the uniform temperature distribution ensures maximum physical comfort.
The system covers all heating and cooling requirements. This means that no additional heating surfaces such as FBH or radiators are required in the event of heating and no additional fan coils are required in cooling mode.

• Easy to install and quick to install using prefabricated modules 
• No direct contact with the heating/cooling surfaces 
• No maintenance costs compared to air conditioners 
• Excellent controllability due to near-surface installation and narrow pipe spacing.
• Sliding assembly process on the construction site (1. Formwork erectors, 2. Installer, 3. Iron reinforcement work, 4. Concreting work) 
• Installation height of the KC150B16 elements is adapted to the standardised height of the concrete worker spacers.
• Entire heating and cooling installation already laid during the raw construction phase 
• Classification in Austria: F90 "fire-resistant" 
• In case of damage, the pipe is easy to locate and can easily be repaired from "below" without impacting the structure. 

Concrete activation KU100

By laying KELOX KU100 on the first reinforcement level or in the middle layer, the mass of the concrete ceiling can be used as storage.
Flexible installation and fast availability are ensured by using the KELOX product range.



CLIMATEFIX G system ceiling heating and cooling modules are designed for installation in suspended plaster ceiling constructions. 


Due to the individual size adjustment, the modules can be used for all common ceiling constructions. The use of heat-conducting sheets guarantees optimum transition of the energy into the ceiling construction, ensuring even heating and/or cooling distribution within the ceiling and achieving maximum performance.

Separation between trades (Drywall constructor - Installer) Installer is responsible for the hydraulic work Drywall constructor is responsible for the dry construction work
•    Clean separation of materials
•    Cooling/heating looped pipes are not screwed to the drywall construction  
•    With directly bolted systems, noise can develop due to varying expansion of the materials (gypsum, metal)

Easy and fast installation thanks to prefabricated cooling loops High cooling performance through the use of aluminium heat-conducting profiles Standardised power output
•    The installation distances of the heat conduction plates do not differ.
•    The power output is not dependent on the installer or planner who defines the number of heat conduction plates per m².  
•    Thanks to a fixed defined distance between the heat conduction plates, a fixed defined sound absorption coefficient is also provided (aw = 0.6).
•    Use of 16 x 2.0 mm standard pipe system in the cooling loops
•    Use of our standard KELOX and CLIMATEFIX fitting programme
•    Easy to repair by using standard pipes and fittings  
•    No interconnection required in the Tichelmann system
•    Easy venting of the pipes
•    No problems at the construction site, whereby different pipe circuits are mounted and the air cannot get out of the circles.
•    Large cooling circuits through the use of 16 x 2 mm pipes
•    Flexibility through easy adaptation of the modules on the construction site
Modules can be moved easily in the longitudinal direction and can thus be easily adapted to structural changes.


Metal ceiling systems with activators for heating and cooling operation achieve efficient room air conditioning. Due to the high thermal conductivity of metal, they achieve high performance values and can usually cover heating/cooling requirements on their own – without additional radiators or air conditioning. In addition, they are easy to clean and offer design freedom for simple or unusual designs.

Open ceiling systems:

Open ceiling systems, which include, for example, ceiling panels, occupy only part of the ceiling area. They are usually suspended below a finished ceiling. Due to their individual arrangement, shape and surface, there are virtually no limits to their design. Measured on the basis of the area occupied, ceiling panels have a very high heating and cooling capacity and they are very effective in regards to acoustic space optimisation.


Active ceilings with visible loops – ideal for use in industrial halls and retail spaces


To meet these demands, KCLC1 was developed for the ceiling area in industrial halls and retail areas as a visible cooling and heating system.
A balanced indoor climate and uniform room temperatures in summer and winter are of particular importance in modern sales rooms and production halls, to ensure well-being and concentrated work. Compatible with the proven KELOX system components.


The main piping and connection pipes from the cooling or heat generator to the distributors or the module transitions live in a coordinated "system infrastructure" of various pipe systems.

The following pipe systems can be used:

KETRIX PN10 till tmax 30°C; dimensions d20 - 160mm
KETRIX PN16 till tmax 40°C; dimensions d20 - 125mm
KELOX till tmax 90°C; dimensions d16 - 75mm
STEELFIX till tmax 120°C; dimensions d15 -108mm

The temperature specifications of the connection pipes refer always to the connection pipe system!