The flexible pre-insulated PEX pipe system

Can also be used in the ground with no restrictions

The KELIT PEX pipe system for the low temperature range for installation in the ground is not only perfectly suited for heat supply in the vicinity, but also for district heating networks up to 80°C.

Hot water supply is also no problem for KELIT PEX: thanks to the extensive product range, hot or even drinking water can be transported effortlessly and safely – if desired, even together in a single pipe. Again, for building extensions, KELIT PEX can be used without any problems.

Link to the products for the product line KELIT PEX

For heating and drinking water with factory-applied thermal insulation, with one or two medium pipes, in rolls.
Plastic pipe made of cross-linked POLYETHYLENE (PEX) with at least 75% degree of cross-linking, tested, internally and externally monitored according to standard.
Medium pipe for the heating area with additionally applied, coloured oxygen diffusion barrier layer of ethylene/vinyl alcohol (EVOH).

Medium pipe:Cross-linked polyethylene pipe PEX
Thermal insulation:Heating:  
cyclopentane (blowing agent) polyurethane foam, 90% closed-cell, CFC-free. 
Lambda value: 0.0234 W/mK
100% CO2-driven, semi-flexible polyurethane foam, 90% closed-cell. 
Lambda value: 0.032 W/mK
Casing pipes:Plastic tube of low density POLYETHYLENE (PE-LD) seamlessly extruded, long-term protection against UV rays
Field of application:Heating: PN12,5 - tmax. 20°C; PN6 - 80°C tmax. 95°C 
Sanitary: PN16 - tmax. 20°C; PN10 - 80°C tmax. 95°C
Tests:DIN 16892 und 16893
Dimension range:Heating- PEX00 pipe: d25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75, 90 und 110mm
Heating - PEX03 DUO pipe: d25, 32, 40, 50, 63 mm
Sanitary- PEX05 pipe: d22, 28, 32, 40, 50 und 63mm
Sanitary- PEX06 DUO pipe: d28, 32, 40, 50 mm
Special parts:Pre-insulated T-pieces in single or duo versions
Pre-insulated transition T-pieces from single to duo pipes
Pre-insulated sheets in single or duo design
Ring seals, junctions, joint systems

Screwed connection: 
Junction as a permanently leak-proof and detachable, but non-detachable from the pipe, connection. 
Use: usually only in accessible places!

Pressed connection in metal:  
Non-detachable sliding sleeves – pressed connection made of brass (MS58) or with weld-on end made of ST 37.0 steel for junction to foreign parts.
Use: usually for all connections in the ground and other, inaccessible places!

Casing pipe connection:
Joints in accordance with EN 489 with thermally shrinking PE joint pipe, PU half-shells and multi-sealing edge zones.