TRI23 KETRIX 90° adapter elbow with female thread 32x1"S


KETRIX polyfusion weld fitting for connecting POB pipes with fittings made of the same material without narrowing the cross-section, with injected female thread made of dezincification-resistant non-porous metallized brass, threads conform to ÖNORM EN 10226.
System parts marked with an “S” are produced with a wrench attachment connection
Do NOT connect to threaded pipes or to cast iron fittings!

Areas of application


Product information
VPE1 5,00 SA1
VPE2 30,00 KT1
VPE3 120,00 KT2
VPE4 2880,00 PAL
weight 0,269 KGM
text KETRIX 90° adapter elbow with female thread
INTRNR 39174000
main material group KETRIX
material group KETRIX metal fittings
code TRI23

Art. No
55216F05 32x1"S

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