TRI39 KETRIX cross-piece 32/20/25/32


KETRIX polyfusion weld fitting for connecting POB pipes to fittings made of the same material without narrowing the cross section
Dimensions 2 and 3 refer to the outlets in the middle of the cross-piece

Areas of application


Article information
execution TRI39 KETRIX cross-piece
Product information
VPE1 5,00 SA1
VPE2 30,00 KT1
VPE3 180,00 KT2
VPE4 2880,00 PAL
weight 0,104 KGM
text KETRIX cross-piece
INTRNR 39174000
main material group KETRIX
material group KETRIX plastic fittings
code TRI39

Art. No
5511FDEF 32/20/25/32

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