KMP420Z KELOX-PROTEC zeta elbow 90°

Zeta value optimized Push elbow 90°; made of non-porous metal plating; support sleeves, O rings, pull-out barrier and protector ring

Areas of application



execution sonstige
design Knie
angle 90 °
Product information
code KMP420Z
main material group KELOX
material group KELOX-PROtec pushfittings
SVGW 1209-6082
DVGW DW-8501CM0535
ÖVGW W 1.235
INTRNR 74122000

Technical information and product catalogues

Data sheets and miscellaneous

KMP420Z PROTEC Zeta Bogen 90° 20 73104DD0
KMP420Z PROTEC Zeta Bogen 90° 25 73104EE0
KMP420Z PROTEC Zeta Bogen 90° 16 73104BB0