Sliding sleeve press fittings

High-performance solution for extreme requirements

XTRME FIX, the modern metallic joining technology from KE KELIT represents a real alternative to welding, which is often dangerous and time-consuming.

A perfect connection in a few seconds and with consistently high quality guaranteed – this makes XTRME FIX the problem solver par excellence for fast connections in existing or new installations, in confined spaces, in bad weather or for when there is residual medium in the pipes during repairs. 

By pressing with a pressure force of up to 50 tonnes, the connection is purely metallic – without additional sealing elements – and permanently connected. There's no alternative for the most extreme of industry requirements!

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Applications:  The operating conditions are dependent on the size of the pipes and fittings, the operating temperature and the quality of the whole system
Range:-55°C to 400°C /max. 300 bar
Material number:  XCC fitting and sleeve made of carbon steel 10570
XNN fitting and sleeve made of stainless steel 14404
Range of sizes:Metric press fittings sizes:
d18, 20mm
Imperial press fittings sizes:
½”, ¾”, 1”, 5/4”, 6/4”, 2”
Pipe tolerances:  

conform to EN10220, ASTM A213/A268/A269 and EN ISO 1127

Types:XCC – fitting and sliding sleeve made of carbon steel
Metric (M) and imperial sizes (Z)
XNN – fitting and sliding sleeve made of stainless steel
Metric (M) and imperial sizes (Z)
Press sleeve fittings:Elbow and tees
Straight transition fittings with male and female threads
Tee transition Fittings