KM506 KELOX SL-UP radiator Elbow Box 20x20


Skirting insulating wall block for valve radiators for installation in flush-mount areas before plastering is done, incl. inlaid KELOX multilayer pipes for installation in wall area on one side between the feed line and return line, joined non-porous metallised copper pipes d15mm for later connection of the radiators, feed line at top
Size: W: 140mm, H: 140mm, D: 30mm

Attention! Follow the installation instructions of the screw fitting manufacturers and if necessary use support sleeves for copper connections

Areas of application


Article information
color weiß
flexible ja
isolation ja
Technical properties
maximum working pressure at 20 ° C 10 bar
pipe weight 0,11 kg/m
pipe contents 0,113 l/m
wall rawness 0,007 mm
expansion coefficient 0,025 mm/(m.K)
Product information
VPE1 1,00 SA1
VPE2 10,00 KT1
weight 0,58 KGM
text KELOX SL-UP radiator Elbow Box
INTRNR 74122000
main material group KELOX
material group KELOX accessories
code KM506

Art. No
d1 mm
pipe contents l/m
s mm
9009300 20x20 16 0,113 2

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