KMP425 KELOX-PROTEC elbow 45° 25


Plug-in elbow 45° for changing direction with a minimal radius, made of non-porous metallized brass, incl. support sleeves with O-rings, withdrawal barriers and a protector ring as an insertion locking device

Areas of application



Article information
port 1 Plug-in
port 2 Plug-in
execution Miscellaneous
design Knee
angle 45
SVGW 1209-6082
DVGW DW-8501CM0535
ÖVGW W 1.235
Product information
VPE1 10,00 SA1
VPE2 70,00 KT1
weight 0,193 KGM
text KELOX-PROTEC elbow 45°
INTRNR 74122000
main material group KELOX
material group KELOX-PROtec pushfittings
code KMP425

Art. No
L1 mm
L2 mm
z1 mm
z2 mm
73106EE0 25 57 57 18 18

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