KM144 KELOX pro plus pipe

KELOX multilayer pipe conforming to ÖNORM EN ISO 21003; oxygen- and water vapour-tight 5-layer multilayer pipe made of PE-RT/Al/PE-RT, with impermeable corrugated push-on tube attached at the factory made of PE-HD and additional 4mm closed-cell soft plastic insulation protective sleeve made of viscoplastic PE foil
Operating conditions according to classification of ÖNORM EN ISO 21003
Sanitary application - Class 2: 70°C - tmax 80°C/10 bar
Radiator connection - Class 5: 80°C - tmax 90°C/10 bar
Colour: blue
Rolled product

Areas of application



Art. No
d Jacket tube mm
pipe contents l/m
s mm
1005164 16x2/25/4 28 0,113 2 1005204 20x2,25/28/4 0,189


thick thermal insulation 4 mm
isolation ja
colour isolation Blue
color White
flexible x
maximum working pressure at 20 ° C 10
Product information
code KM144
main material group KELOX
material group KELOX isolierte pipes
SVGW 1209-6082
DVGW DW-8501CM0535
ÖVGW W 1.235
INTRNR 39172110

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