KM695S KELOX single-channel 230V wireless receiver 86x86x33mm


For connecting a room thermostat, possible to connect thermal motors up to a maximum of 10 W overall output as well as pump logic for connecting and switching a circulation pump, up to 7 KM695 or KM695S can be connected via wireless and/or syBUS. Maximum distance from wireless room thermostat 3 walls and 1 storey ceiling max.
Connection voltage: 230V AC 50 Hz
Wireless frequency: 868 MHz
Switching capacity: 1 A
Size: 86x86x33mm
Colour: white (RAL 9003)

ATTENTION: Take into account space requirement in manifold cabinet!
Only in conjunction with KM694 or KM694K wireless room thermostats!
Only in conjunction with KM596 KELOX 230V thermal motor!

Areas of application


Product information
VPE1 1,00 KT1
weight 0,13 KGM
text KELOX single-channel 230V wireless receiver
INTRNR 90321020
main material group KELOX
material group KELOX FB-accessories
code KM695S

Art. No
5881370 86x86x33mm

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