KM683 KELOX dry wooden frame 250x44x30mm


Wooden frame placed loosely all round to improve the compressive strength of the floor. To allow you to provide the necessary stability when changing floor coverings and to fasten the top profile rail, the wooden frame must be screwed in place at the doorways.
Two-layer structure, MDF 22 GL (22 mm medium-density fibreboard) as the base and pressure-stable low-density fibreboard WF 08 Hopa - 8mm

Wooden frame L: 1000mm, W: 44mm, H: 30mm
Passage wood L: 250mm, W: 44mm, H: 30mm - incl. 2 pipe grooves

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Product information
VPE1 1,00 KT1
VPE2 10,00 KT2
weight 0,1 KGM
text KELOX dry wooden frame
INTRNR 44187900
main material group KELOX
material group KELOX FB-accessories
code KM683

Art. No
6103620 250x44x30mm

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