KM590E KELOX FB manifold

Feed and return flow bar with heating circuit outlets 3/4" euro cone with male thread, with bleeding at the highest point and draining, manifold ends closed, connections with pre-formed union nut 1" flat-sealing, manifold ends with 1" male thread, for screwing together individual manifold bars without additional connectors, on the feed line, pre-settable double-spindle valve, top parts to fit KM596 KELOX thermal motor, on the return flow water flow meter (0.5-2.5 l/min), non-porous metallized brass, incl. labelled plates for each heating circuit and sound-insulated metal consoles (1 circuit) without drain outlet, bleeding and metal console
Application area: tmax. 80°C/6 bar

ATTENTION - WITHOUT KM220 Euro thread fitting!

Areas of application