KE27 KELEN PP-RCT elbow 45° male/female 20


KELEN PP-RCT Polyfusion welding fitting for connecting pipes with fittings made of the same material (no reduction of internal diameter)

Areas of application



Article information
port 1 Kunststoffschweißmuffe
port 2 Kunststoffschweißende
execution 1-teilig
design Bogen
angle 45 °
ÖVGW W 1.213
Product information
VPE1 10,00 SA1
VPE2 200,00 KT1
VPE3 1200,00 KT2
VPE4 19200,00 PAL
weight 0,015 KGM
text KELEN PP-RCT elbow 45° male/female
INTRNR 39174000
main material group KELEN
material group KELEN plastic fittings
code KE27

Art. No
d1 mm
d2 mm
L1 mm
L2 mm
z1 mm
z2 mm
2721501 20 20 20 27 21 11 6

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