KC594 CLIMATEFIX temperatur controller

Room thermostat for direct activation of thermal motors KM596 (24 V). WITH dew point input, to monitor the dew point of the cooling ceiling WITHOUT using the dew point monitor KC560

Function - heating and cooling with 1 or 2 manifolds:

1-circuit control (2-pipe system) with a manifold for heating and cooling, switching between heating and cooling is performed via an external switching signal (changeover-contact)
Setting 1-circuit control (2-conductors): Jumper 1 WITHOUT bridge

2-circuit control (4-pipe system) with one manifold each for heating and cooling
Setting 2-circuit control (4-pipe system): Jumper 1 WITH bridge (factory setting)

The factory-set zero-point (21°C) can be changed by +/- 8K
Connected voltage: 24 V AC/DC
Colour: white

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Product information
code KC594
main material group CLIMATEFIX
material group CLIMATEFIX fittings
INTRNR 90321080

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KC594 CLIMATEFIX Klimar. f.1 od. 2 Vert. 6354310