KC590 CLIMATEFIX manifold 5/4"

Flow and return flow bars (5/4") with cooling and heating circuit outlets 3/4" Eurocone male, connection options through turnable valves at the connection points, with a bleeding and/or flushing connection at the highest point, connections with a pre-formed cap nut 6/4" flat-sealing and reduction nipple 5/4" male, manifold ends closed. At the flow compact valve, control valve, regulator valve, shut-off valve and measuring valve 3/4" Euro-cone male, precise regulation with adjusting tools of 0.5 - 9.0 l/min pre-settable, which unites the functions zone valve and line regulator valve. Flow and differential pressure measuring can be logged using a monitoring computer, top parts fit KM596 KELOX thermal motor, at the return flow ball valve 3/4" Euro-cone male, non-porous metal-plated brass, incl. sound-proofed steel consoles to fasten the manifold bars.
Application area: tmax. 80°C/6 bar

ATTENTION - WITHOUT KM220 Euro screw fitting!

Areas of application


Product information
code KC590
main material group CLIMATEFIX
material group CLIMATEFIX fittings
INTRNR 84818039

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Data sheets and miscellaneous

KC590 CLIMATEFIX Klimavert. 5/4" 5 L:425 7961200
KC590 CLIMATEFIX Klimavert. 5/4" 2 L:200 7961050
KC590 CLIMATEFIX Klimavert. 5/4" 6 L:500 7961250
KC590 CLIMATEFIX Klimavert. 5/4" 8 L:650 7961350
KC590 CLIMATEFIX Klimavert. 5/4" 9 L:725 7961400
KC590 CLIMATEFIX Klimavert. 5/4" 7 L:575 7961300
KC590 CLIMATEFIX Klimaver. 5/4" 10 L:800 7961450
KC590 CLIMATEFIX Klimavert. 5/4" 4 L:350 7961150
KC590 CLIMATEFIX Klimaver. 5/4" 11 L:875 7961500
KC590 CLIMATEFIX Klimavert. 5/4" 3 L:275 7961100
KC590 CLIMATEFIX Klimaver. 5/4" 12 L:950 7961550