BF600T KELOX dry construction radiator angle box

Insulating wall block for valve radiators; to be installed in dry construction with sound-insulated foamed fastening straps for installation between the dry construction profiles using the BF605T dry construction rail, incl. inlaid KELOX multilayer pipes for installation in wall area on one side between the feed line and return line, joined non-porous metallised copper pipes d15mm for later connection of the radiators, feed line at top

Attention! Connecting pipe from left
right: Connecting pipe from right

Attention! Follow the installation instructions of the screw fitting manufacturers and if necessary use support sleeves for copper connections

W: 140mm, H: 80mm, D: 70mm

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Product information
code BF600T
main material group KELOX
material group KELOX accessories
INTRNR 39174000

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