KM651 KELOX fixed value control set all manifold 1"

The Kelox floor heating single zone control unit regulates the temperature of individual floor heating loops. It works at the temperature level of radiator heating (e.g. 70/55°C). The unit works on the principle of regulation by thermal injection and is installed directly to the manifold. If all floor heating loops are closed automatically there must be a pump logic ( e.g the KM691 KELOX connecti­on panel) which ensures that the pump switches off. Ensure that there is hydraulic balance in the connecting pipelines.
Minimum depth required for the manifold box is 110mm
The components:
High efficiency Wilo pump – Yonos-Para 15/6, temperature monitor, thermostatic valve, thermostatic head, three-way valve and two female thread ball valves ¾”. All the components are connected to the manifold, ready for use .
The unit is compatible with all 1” KELOX floor heating manifolds. Extra width of 220mm is required.

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code KM651
main material group KELOX
material group KELOX FB-accessories
INTRNR 84818039

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