KM570 KELOX universal manifold housing frame

Sendzimir galvanised universal steel housing; can be connected at the side or at the bottom; adjustable legs; splash shield under the housing; width: 120mm; compatible for both concealed and surface-mounted housing
Depth of housing: 75mm
Height of installation: 600mm above the finished floor

Areas of application


Product information
code KM570
main material group KELOX
material group KELOX FB-accessories
INTRNR 84818099

Technical information and product catalogues

Data sheets and miscellaneous

KM570 Uni-Vert.Schr.Korp. 1-4 L:460mm 9000500
KM570 Uni-Vert.Schr.Korp. 9-12 L:840mm 9000700
KM570 Uni-Vert.Schr.Korp. Sond.L:1150mm 9000800
KM570 Estrichbl.-Vert.Schr.Korp.690 1001002
KM570 Estrichbl.-Vert.Schr.Korp.840 1001006
KM570 Uni-Vert.Schr.Korp. 5-8 L:690mm 9000600
KM570 Estrichbl.-Vert.Schr.Korp.1150 1001005
KM570 Estrichbl.-Vert.Schr.Korp.460 1001003